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Behaviorally Challenged Kids and At Risk Youth



Info for Parents and Families

There are a variety of systemic factors contributing to persistently poor outcomes for most at-risk youth. These outcomes include school failure, truancy, dropping out of school, teenage pregnancy, and high rates of detention, suspension, and substance abuse.

The risk factors include the following:

  1. Lack of early identification, using research-based criteria for kids at highest risk for poor outcomes.
  2. Lack of a systemic mechanism for “tracking” and monitoring progress and setbacks for these youth so as to ensure that services are accessed and provided at critical points of vulnerability. (A point of vulnerability is any point in a youth’s development at which expectations begin to outstrip the youth’s skills and his or her family’s coping resources.)
  3. Lack of access to and knowledge of community resources, even though helpful resources and programs often exist.
  4. Lack of coordination and communication among the myriad service providers and agencies affecting the lives of these youth and their caregivers, such that caregivers are often provided with disparate and poorly coordinated services and guidance.

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