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Take a Look Within

Learn more about Emotional Intelligence and how focusing on the root cause of an issue or behavior might be the best way towards disentangling it.

There is a great likelihood that you or someone you care for needs more support.
The basic and complex truth is that we all need more support to become better versions of ourselves.

What’s up? Do you feel like things are frequently unmanageable? How are you feeling?

  • Do you think talking about emotional health is only for those people who outwardly struggle?
  • Have you lost interest in doing activities you previously enjoyed?
  • Do you avoid directly confronting the discomfort of new situations or environments with maladaptive behaviors and/or alcohol/drug use, as a consistent means to cope?
  • Have you ever tried to stop or control a behavior without success?
  • Has your quality of life diminished?
  • Are you afraid to share your feelings?
  • Are you afraid to admit that you feel shame?
  • Does it feel impossible for you to live without a certain behavior that you know to be harmful?
  • Do certain behaviors only present themselves around certain situations?
  • Do you feel like you have been compensating without hope or the ability to change?
  • Have you forgotten the last time you felt pleasant?

Now What?

How did answering those questions feel? Answering yes to any one of them means you are human and might have some things to work on- we all do. It is paramount to identify your lagging skills before they can be countered with tools and strategies to help you move through them. 

Emotional intelligence is a lifelong practice. We say that to inspire you, to invite you, to challenge and to support you; in that you are absolutely capable of the amount of emotional intelligence you seek to understand, that in the acceptance of owning your story, you can become free from the things that have held you back… giddy up.

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